13 Action News: The Friends of Parkinson’s Non-Profit Presents “A Care Givers Christmas”

The Friends of Parkinson’s are celebrating the unsung heroes that work our hospitals nursing staffs and hospice care. The event will encourage participants the meaning of care giving. During the event there will be celebration of those who serve our hospitals, mingling, and goodies being handed out. We will have three speakers who will talk about caregiving and the importance of being the backbone of the medical community. “A Care Givers Christmas” is an event that touches families and communities here in Las Vegas.
Occurs once:  Dec 18, 2014 (2:00 PM to 5:00 PM)
Contact Name:  Jamillah Ali-Rahman
Contact Phone:  (702)-953-0621
Location: United Health Care in the Anthony M. Marion Aud

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