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2023 Medical Symposium Las Vegas

Interdisciplinary Symposium on Parkinson’s Disease.


AUGUST 18-19, 2023

Alexis Park Resort
375 East Harmon Avenue
Las Vegas 89169
Friends of Parkinson’s 2023 Medical Symposium is the premier event for Parkinson’s Disease research, innovation, and technology. The sessions range from the topic of Economic Impact to activities and treatment for PD patients. Attendees will learn strategies and treatments while living with PD; for medical professionals will hear about the latest findings in research and technology, and the public will become more aware of what it means to live with PD.
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Join us for a three-day conference filled with informative sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Choose to attend any of these exciting events free of charge. Our symposium will feature a diverse range of topics including the latest advancements in medical technology, research and patient care.
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A multiracial group of doctors in lab coats standing in a row smiling

​Brain Health: Inclusion, Diversity and Medical Equity

​Thursday, August 17
12:00 PM | Nevada Partners (map)
We will discuss the healthcare challenges faced by minorities and members of the LBTQ+ community. We will learn ways we can help.
Friday, August 18
Doctor’s Only Conference
5:00 – 9:00 PM | Alexis Park Resort (map)
Research, Innovation and TechnologyHealthcare Professional Lunch (Only) – S.M.A.R.T. Medicine
You’ll have a chance to meet leading experts in the field and learn from their experiences and insights. Whether you’re a medical student, researcher or practitioner, this event is perfect for you.


  • Dr Roger Elmer — Advanced Neuro Spine Solutions
  • Bernard and Denise Coley — Approach to Closing the Gap in Healthcare Disparities

​Full Day Medical Symposium

The tulip has been associated with Parkinson’s Awareness since 1980 when J.W.S. VanderWereld, a Dutch horticulturalist diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, developed a red & white tulip to honor Dr. James Parkinson. We call on the community to plant one thousand tulip bulbs at the San Miguel Community Garden. It is an opportunity to educate by showing how using gardening as a therapeutic tool to improve motor skills in Parkinson’s disease.

Portrait of a team of confident doctors standing together in a hospital

Key Takeaways

​Knowledge Is Everything


Learn how to Live Well with Parkinson’s Disease. Strategies, tips, activities all to help patients and families navigate the disease


You are at the front line of patient care and treatment. Hear about research, innovation, and technology advances and hear from patience some of their needs.


Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed over 90,000 times in the US. Learn the symptoms, causes, and prognosis if you or someone close is affected.

​Doctor's Only Conference

​Once again, we are proud to present this invite only gathering for medical professionals. If you have an invite please register here. 


375 E. Harmon Las Vegas, NV 89169 (map)
The largest non-gaming off-strip Las Vegas resort.
Call 888-848-6361
Friends of Parkinson’s has made arrangements for a Medical Symposium group rate.
Locals – avoid the hustle of evening traffic and spend the evening with us. ​
Travelers – Conveniently located minutes from the airport