4 Parkinson's Myths

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Myth 1:

Parkinson’s only effects movement. 

This is simply not true. People with Parkinson’s get symptoms  that are unrelated to movement, non-motor or invisible symptoms. These could include not being able to sleep, sweating, fatigue, impairment in your smelling, depression, anxiety, and other non-motor symptoms.

Myth 2:

That Parkinson’s Disease is preventable.

Currently, researchers do not the cause of Parkinson’s disease and without this information it is impossible to prevent.

Myth 3:

Only older people can get Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease does generally tend to strike people around their early 60’s but it often also finds itself occurring in younger people.

Myth 4:

There is no way to deal with Parkinson’s Disease.

THERE IS. In fact there are many things you can do to battle Parkinson’s. Exercising has been known to help many people with Parkinson’s. A study published in the Journal Geriatrics and Gerontology International found that of Parkinson’s patients who participated in weekly, 1-hour exercise sessions reported improvements in their daily activities compared with a control group who didn’t exercise. There are also Parkinson’s Support groups that could lend support in dealing with Parkinson’s and many other treatments, consult with your doctor to see what treatment is best for you.

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