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The Vision

​In 2015 the vision of Friends of Parkinson’s was conceptualized, and we received official 501c3 non-profit designation in 2016. Since that time, we have become a valued resource hub providing programs and services in the Southern Nevada region. We also expanded to Utah, California and soon activity in Georgia. These activities support our vision to create local, nationwide, and international initiatives that promotes research, innovation, and technology related to Parkinsons‘ Disease and to better serve those impacted by the disease.

Helping older woman

What We Do

Friends of Parkinson’s offers two main program areas that provide the community with education and activities to improve the quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease in Nevada and surrounding areas. Our programs goals are to be an advocate for those with Parkinson’s and an educational resource to address the physical and mental needs of the individuals and families impacted by Parkinson’s


​From our highly technical Medical Symposium to our lighthearted Funny Bunny Race, we strive to reach the community where they are.


​Our activities are at the heart of what we do and designed to help individuals mentally, physically, and spiritually Live Well with Parkinson’s.
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​How We Do It

We would not accomplish any of our goals without our dedicated Board of Directors, our Corporate Community Partners, and the community which support us financially, emotionally and spiritually.