Faces of Parkinson's By Lillian Gallego

Some people live their entire lives,
hiding the pain behind their eyes.

Some people are in complete denial,
wearing a forced or fake smile.

Frustration and struggles we all endure,
challenges we face fighting this war.

Fatigue and depression with us each day,
how much will this illness take away?

We strive for one common goal,
doing our best to gain control.

The faces of Parkinson mine and yours,
our faces are different, but have one cause.

Not accepting this debilitating disease,
with strength and courage we will succeed.

Our quest is simple and won’t be ignored,
Overcome Parkinson’s and find the cure.

With purpose, we battle side by side,
supporting each other with much pride.

Bonded by valor that we can cope,
united together gives us hope.

The faces of parkinson many unknown,
never give up, you are not alone.