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Join Friends of Parkinson’s Nevada to play an integral role

Join Friends of Parkinson’s Nevada to play an integral role in providing quality support services, educational forums, and valuable resources for those with Parkinson’s, their families, or caregivers.
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List of benefits

Event Sponsorship: 

You will be interfacing with many of those looking for your products and services through our community network. Be a part of our annual 2024-2025 events: Wellness Symposium – Living Well with Chronic Illness, Funny Bunny Race Walk and Run, Annual Gala (with Keynote Speaker TBA).

Website Presence: 

Being featured on the FoP website lends credibility and association for the local Parkinson’s community. Your company’s logo, a brief description, and a link to your website will be prominently displayed on the Friends of Parkinson’s Disease website. Let us help you be a key resource and entry point for many.

Social Media Shout Out:

Showcase your community involvement and support for the Parkinson’s cause, which can resonate with our followers. We regularly share posts on the FoP social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) highlighting your company, your involvement, and the positive impact you are making. The social media exposure helps you reach a wider audience beyond just the FoP membership.

Newsletter Feature:

Advertise your company in our newsletter! Take advantage of our biggest return-on-investment opportunity: every month, we send out a newsletter to over 4k people, leveraging a 27% open rate. We provide the latest updates in the Parkinson’s community; our readers want to read updates in research, articles and participate in events.

Connecting with the Engaged Las Vegas Senior Community

By partnering with Friends of Parkinson’s Disease, local businesses gain valuable exposure to an engaged audience of active seniors living in the Las Vegas area. Our organization can best support partners willing to contribute to the betterment of senior living. This can range from general maintenance services for the home to health care services. 

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What Your Partnership Supports

By becoming a partner, your support directly contributes to these vital programs and services, improving the quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s disease in the Las Vegas community.

Parkinson's Education and Awareness

This includes educational forums, wellness symposiums, and community events to combat the stigma and misinformation surrounding Parkinson's disease. Funding public education on the realities of Parkinson's means emphasizing:It's not contagiousIt affects people of all ages, including younger individualsMany people likely know someone with Parkinson'sThis disorder is expensive, on a social and economic level

Art Therapy and Support Services

Art therapy programs to help patients redefine motor skills. Occupational therapy methods help offset Parkinson's tremors. Physical therapy sessions, including dance and yoga, help to improve mobility.

Information Referral Center

A comprehensive resource for Parkinson's patients and caregivers. The center provides referrals to trusted providers and services, including:Healthcare professionalsHome services (plumbers, landscapers, housekeepers, etc.)Local assisted living and care facilitiesPartnership with Spotlight to offer information on dependent living services