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Friends of Parkinson’s Inc offers Support Groups for Individuals with Parkinson's

We offer a variety of support groups designed to provide education, community, and therapeutic activities for individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease. Our support groups cater to different interests and needs, ensuring that everyone can find a group that resonates with them.

Monthly Support Groups

Lunch & Learn

Every 4th Wednesday, we tackle the myths and stigma surrounding Parkinson's disease. Enjoy a delicious meal while gaining valuable insights from experts and engaging in meaningful discussions. Learn about the social and economic impacts of PD, and discover how we can work together to support those affected.

Veterans Involved Parkinson's (VIP)

Every 2nd Wednesday is dedicated to veterans living with Parkinson's disease. Connect with fellow veterans, share experiences, and receive support in a welcoming environment. Our sessions include educational talks, resource sharing, and opportunities to discuss the unique challenges faced by veterans with PD.

Movers & Shakers

Every 3rd Thursday, join a dynamic support group that combines physical therapy with the joy of dance. Led by professional instructors, Movers & Shakers helps improve motor skills, balance, and coordination while providing a fun and social atmosphere. No dance experience is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to move!

Soulful Scribe Writing Workshop

Every 2nd Tuesday, Soulful Scribe Writing Workshop offers a safe, virtual space for individuals with Parkinson's to recall their memories and speak their truths through storytelling and journaling. This therapeutic activity helps participants express their emotions, reflect on their experiences, and connect with others through the power of words.

Perk Up For Parkinson's

Every 1st Friday, we Perk Up For Parkinson's to raise awareness and support for individuals living with Parkinson's disease. Get ready for an exciting day filled with engaging activities, informative workshops, and heartwarming stories shared by those affected by PD. This event aims to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for education and empowerment.

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Do I need to RSVP for the support groups?

Yes, please RSVP to help us plan for each session.

Are the support groups free?

Most of our support groups are free, but some may have a small fee to cover materials or refreshments. Please check the specific event details.

Can I join more than one support group?

Absolutely! You are welcome to join any and all support groups that interest you.

Arts Division (Occupational Therapy)

Painting , Drawing, Coloring

​A small Art Therapy program was sampled in 2018 to gauge the interest of the Parkinson’s disease community. We are quite please that many of the members have expressed interest in being a part of such a program. We are currently hosting the program at Hobby Lobby bi-weekly. The growth of the program is impressive. We would like to be able to host two weekly sessions of Painting with Parkinson’s to allow those who are attending to see their work develop over a few days rather than a few weeks.

Crafting and Sewing

​We have an agreement with two community partners to make and sell items to the community. We will be able become self funded through the sales of the “made by PD” items. Moreover, crafting will help those with limited dexterity to improve the use of hands while learning skills to benefit the program.
Creative senior man enjoying while painting on canvas at home.