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Lunch & Learn

4th Wednesdays of the Month

Enjoy an enlightening luncheon where we tackle the myths and stigma surrounding Parkinson’s disease. Chances are, you know someone living with PD, so it’s important to know how to advocate through awareness. Learn about the social and economic impacts of this expensive disorder and how we can work together to support those affected.

Petals For Parkinsons

Every Tuesday

Join us every Tuesday to nurture our beautiful tulip beds! Roll up your sleeves, enjoy the fresh air, and make a difference in our community garden.

Perk Up for Parkinson's

1st Fridays of the Month

Get ready for an exciting day filled with engaging activities, informative workshops, and heartwarming stories shared by those affected by Parkinson’s. This event aims to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for education and empowerment.

VIP (Veteran's Involved Parkinson's)

2nd Wednesdays of the Month

Join us for “Veteran’s Involved Parkinson’s” where veterans unite against Parkinson’s disease.

Movers & Shakers Oquendo

3rd Thursdays of the Month

Our thrilling, in-person event invites you to the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Las Vegas. Let’s make memories and shine together! 

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